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The Statue of the Queen of Our Country Must Be Displayed in Our National Shrine
As a Safeguard for Our Country to Avoid Her Prophesied Punishment

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Meriam Ibrahim is a Christian Sudanese wife, mother and doctor. A Sudanese Islamic court irrationally declared that under Sharia Islamic law Meriam was an “apostate” who was living “in adultery” with her Christian husband Daniel. Read more...

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Name Your Children!

 Deceased Baby Intercedes for Birth of Three Babies!
Mother of Five Deceased Children Never Lost Hope

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As we celebrate Independence Day, let us remember that the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War proclaimed our liberty from the oppression of England, a foreign country.

We must turn to the intercession of Our Lady of America who said that she is the Immaculate One and the Patroness of Our Land. We must ask her to free us from oppression and to protect us from God’s punishment.
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