Dear Friend of Our Lady of America,

I recently participated in a Visitation of the Image of Our Lady of America hosted by Guardian Sonya Doyle of Hopedale, Massachusetts.

I led a Holy Hour of Prayer for Purity, Peace and Protection. The southern Vermont congregation consisted of the parish priest, deacons, and homesteading and homeschooling families. You can learn about these Holy Hours here.

I’m confident that the lilting cadence of the voices of the children who led the Rosary Mysteries were music to the ears of Our Lady, as they were to mine. It was a beautiful witness of innocence and purity!

The Holy Hour ended with the congregation’s reverent veneration of the Image of Our Lady of America. After that, I gave a television interview on Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of America in Our Culture of Death. You may see the interview below.

Hope is the confident expectation of divine blessings. With Our Lady, there is hope for the transformation of our Culture of Death into a Culture of Life and a Civilization of Love, for which St. John Paul II prayed.

Please help our Apostolates to continue to bring this hope through Visitations of the images of Our Lady of America and Our Lady of Guadalupe. Perhaps she is calling you to host a Visitation. Learn how to do this here.

Many of our supporters take well-deserved summer vacations, which causes our support to reach its lowest levels of the year.

So, we would really appreciate your help to keep our Missionary Images of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Jesus King of All Nations and Our Lady of America on their Visitations throughout America.

But, in order to continue this amazing work for the greater glory of God, we must raise $130,000 by the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel, September 29. This is just for our normal quarterly operating expenses of maintaining our Apostolates’ Center and paying our modest salaries. There is no surplus in our budget, which does not include any special projects, needs, or savings.
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Sincerely in Christ,