Jesus King of All Nations Devotional Booklet

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Jesus King of All Nations Devotional Booklet

A booklet by Dan Lynch who explains the Devotion with all of the prayers.
Pope Benedict’s words to the Church: “Historical kingship does not matter to God; but he wants to reign in peoples' hearts, and from there, over the world: He is King of the whole universe but the critical point, the zone in which his Kingdom is at risk, is our heart, for it is there that God encounters our freedom.”

He continued that each individual must decide “whether to practice justice or wickedness, to embrace love and forgiveness or revenge and homicidal hatred. On this depends our personal salvation but also the salvation of the world. This is why Jesus wishes to associate us with his kingship; this is why he invites us to collaborate in the coming of His Kingdom of love, justice and peace.”

“It is left to us,” the Pope said, “to respond to him, not with words but with deeds: by choosing the path of effective and generous love for our neighbor we allow him to extend his lordship in time and space.”

This booklet will assist the reader in responding to the Gospel call to collaborate in the coming of Christ’s Kingdom! May Jesus King of All Nations be recognized in all hearts!


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