Our Lady of America Processed to City Hall

Dan Lynch
 August 7, 2020

On July 12, the Visitation Image of Our Lady of America was processed along a street in a Rosary procession by the group Prayers for Life to City Hall in Medford, Massachusetts. They also carried signs, the American flag, and an image of the Divine Mercy.
When they arrived to City Hall, they were greeted by Fr. Henry, who gave a blessing for the spiritual well-being of the city and the nation.
Prayers for Life members gather in front of St. Joseph’s in Medford

Fr Henry gives a blessing at Medford City Hall
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Please help us to keep the Visitation Image of Our Lady of America traveling to mediate our prayers for peace in America, during these uncertain times of the Covid-19 pandemic and the public rioting, looting, shooting and burning.
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